Thursday, July 22, 2010

Far From Yokohama

I began this blog last summer and haven't posted to it in almost a year. I enjoyed last year's project, to eat as much ramen in a month as I could and have been trying to get motivated and come up with something else to write about but so far I've not come up with much. The decision to teach summer school this year pretty much precluded us going to Japan again and me continuing on the quest for the perfect ramen (a task I will surely continue in summers to come). I've decided I will write instead about other things I eat or do in Brooklyn, the rest of the boroughs, and long island. This was inspired by a horribly disappointing trip to Grimaldi's Pizza last Saturday evening when I was served what was basically a great looking pizza that ended up being a total gummy mess.

This prompted a discussion among friends about the famous NY region pizzerias that made me want to try them all again and a few, like DiFara in Midwood for the first time. So I realized there was probably something in my summer to write about. If anybody wanted to read it is another story, one I don't care all that much about to be honest. This is just something to keep myself reflective about how I spend my time off and to give myself a little push to do something worthwhile. I'd love some suggestions.

As a general disclaimer, I am not a professional food critic, I do not apply the term "foodie" to myself as seemingly everyone who watches "At Home with Sandra Lee" or some other senseless nonsense does. I do watch Top Chef religiously though. I am a guy who likes to eat. And I like what I like.

The picture is of course "Mystery Train"

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  1. Very nice. I look forward to hearing about your GI adventures. Especially since you write like Kurt Vonnegut (paste your "As a general disclaimer..." paragraph here: