Saturday, June 6, 2009

Instant Gratification

All of this thinking about the trip to Japan has me craving some ramen.

As a kid, ramen was just Top Ramen or Maruchan Ramen in NY. But there is an alternative to instant which is slightly more difficult to cook (it requires you to boil two pots of water) and tastes a whole lot better. This type of ramen can be found in the US at many asian groceries. This particular bowl was "Spicy Miso Flavor."

The noodles come in a sort of fresh pasta state and the flavor packet is an oily goo of a liquid, though some brands have powdered packets and some brands have a few packets.

I added a few of my favorite toppings, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. On this one we have scallions, preserved bamboo shoots (menma), nori and since chashu isn't exactly hanging around in most kitchens, some leftover pork roast slices to top it off. All in all a decent lunch, but it didn't really satisfy the craving.

Overall rating: 1bowl

1 comment:

  1. My Top Ramen recipe from college days...

    2 or 3 diced scallions
    1 egg, scrambled up
    1 packet of Ramen

    - Put ingredients in a 1 qt. plastic container having a lid (you know, the kind you'd get from a quart of wonton soup)

    - Boil water in hot pot, then pour into container

    - Put lid on container and let sit for 15 minutes

    - Crack open a Golden Anniversary & eat yummy goodness